….are you sure about that?

It is 4:29 in the morning and gratefully I am awake after five hours of sleep. God usually whispers “Come with me” at this time. This morning He and I will discuss the COVID-19 vaccination. Again. Our appointment is at 8:15. Today is the day. We comply with the government’s request to take this preventive measure.

No, I am not sure about this.

Our household of three had COVID in December of 2020. Of the three of us, I am the one with lasting side effects. My eyesight was weakened. I am also the one whose immune system and health history make me more vulnerable to take anything “experimental”.

For me the more the government pushes this vaccine the more I hesitate. Why?

Simple, no one can be trusted to speak the truth. Certainly not Dr. Falsely. (Misspelling intended). Nor the CDC or WHO. Neither can government officials. My own health care providers listen to my concerns and reply with the same assurances. Like every one is reading the same cue card. The risk is minimal, take the vaccine.

By nature I am a rule keeper. But, this time I am unsure. Let’s be frank, the whole COVID experience is fraught with too many questions and too few answers.

For all those assuring me the risks are minimal I wearily reply that they themselves have no idea what it is like to be in that small percentage. I do.

Herd mentality is aggressively pushing us to shut up and take the shot, get in line again and take it again. Oh, and be prepared to repeat the process in six months to a year. Wear a mask, wear two no three masks! How selfish to even think about non-compliance. I am not prepared to be an obedient cow on this. Are you?

What I am sure about is God not allowing evil to prevail. I am confident He knows the future and that He will walk me through whatever the outcome of this vaccine is for me. I am reminded that the moments and minutes I live and breathe right now at 5:18 in the morning are miraculous. I have been on the literal edge of death before and God chose to spare me for this morning.

He is trustworthy. By His very nature He is not a liar. When that needle slides into my arm later this morning I am sure that my Heavenly Father loves me and is with me. Plus, if He does not want me to take the shot He will clearly show me this too.


…what happened to Fox News? (Part 2)

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com
Continuation of yesterday's blog, "...what happened to Fox News? (Part 1)"

During the Summer of 2020 Murdoch and Trump had an argument.

Trump accused Murdoch of “encouraging” Fox to run negative reports about him. Though not supported by Ecarma’s* piece, it was, it appears, a decision made by Trump to question Murdoch’s support that lead to a negative consequence. It is not to far a step to see that if Murdoch used his influence to have news coverage that was positive towards Trump promoted he could use it to be stopped. Problem is, if this was true, it could just as easily backfire on Murdoch, Fox News as well as Trump.

Trump did allegedly confront Murdoch during the Summer of 2020 in anger. It’s incredible that so close to the November 3 election that Trump would do anything to risk Fox’s support, it makes little sense. But, to do so appears to fit with his personality.

Prior to the research done for this blog I witnessed several news coverages of press conferences. I noticed from what he himself revealed or people around him said, that Trump has many positive attributes.

One, he is a hard worker, survives on little sleep and expects the same dedication and work ethic from those around him.

Two, Trump is willing to make personal sacrifices for the United States of America. While there are those in our country and among the politicians of today who are calling for the wealthy to give up their wealth to assure someone else a boost up, (or level the start line for success for everyone) I never heard any of them willing to point out that Donald Trump was doing that already.

The man donates his salary as the President of the United States to various charities, keeping only the $1 required by law. Yes, it does mean he can get a tax credit for his charitable contributions but that is available to everyone who contributes to charities, non-profits, and churches for example. Of course, take that away from the wealthy and evidentualy it will mean it will be taken from us all.

Three, President Trump has kept his promise and hasn’t played “politics”. This, in my opinion, has as much to do with who Trump is as it does with how he’s been treated by Congress. He’s not been able to count on back-up even within the Republican party because he wasn’t playing the political game the way they’re accustomed to playing.

When his dedication, hard work and sacrifice goes unappreciated and unnoticed his feelings get hurt. When his feelings get hurt he does not do himself any favors by Tweeting or addressing the press. Some people find him rude, bossy, crude and worse. The picture they would paint of him, to me, is that of a bull in a china shop wearing a size 22 double pair of shoes. Although, it is that, I believe which attracts supporters of Trump to him. People are fed up with politics as usual. Whichever political party you support, you should be hearing that message by now.

It’s my opinion that Trump may not be the only person who, when they feel unappreciated, act in inappropriate ways. I believe Murdoch reacted to Trump’s words and accusations and did use his influence to pull Fox’s support.

The Murdoch’s are trying to explain their betrayal so they can save their money. Already it seems Fox is beginning to pay the cost of folding to Murdoch’s pressure. Conservatives, who made up the highest percentage of Fox viewers are pulling their viewership. Fox is in the same boat as all the other main stream media and the name of it is “Untrusted”.

This blogger repeats, Ecarma in his article in Vanity Fair HIVE, nor Maass in The Intercept made the same tie-in I did to that argument between Murdoch and Trump. We watched that coverage change right before our eyes. Not only did Fox begin to mock Trump and trash him they along with all the other main stream media they certainly do not act as if finding out the truth matters at all anymore.

Will the recount, investigations into any of the occurrences of suspected voter fraud change the result of the election? Maybe not enough for Trump to win but it will sure begin to restore the American people’s trust in our voting process and procedures. No relationship can sustain itself, grow in a healthy manner, resolve conflicts and thrive if the foundations of truth and honesty do not exist. No such foundation exists now.



*Reference quoted in Part 1. “Is Rupert Murdoch Completely off the Trump Train?”, The Vanity Fair HIVE by Caleb Ecarma, 10/15/2020

…what happened to Fox News? (Part 1)

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

Among the conservatives I know and whose comments are posted on social media, the one main stream media company trusted was Fox News. When allegedly Fox changed the overall tone of its coverage of President Donald Trump on the November 3 Election Night from supportive in nature to deliberately damaging, people noticed. People questioned. People felt betrayed. This writer included.

During researching what sparked this change in Fox the first search lead to who owned Fox. Rumor had it that Disney owned the media company. As with most answers you can find them if you follow the money and consequently, whose money it is.

The initial breadcrumb started at Century 21. Century 21 was owned by multiple people/corporations but the majority stockholder was the Murdock Family via trust with Rupert Murdoch having the most voting power. Plus, one quickly understands Fox is split into multiple pies. Fox News, Fox Sports, Fox Business, Fox Studios, groups of or individual Fox stations for example.

Disney came into the picture in June of 2018 when they were planning to acquire Fox for $71.3 billion for the film studio and TV assets. The buyout was put on hold when Fox shareholders sued and halted the acquisition process. In the acquired certain pies or pieces of pies but not the entire buffet of pies.

However, with a search into directly the Disney buyout status, this blogger discovered two things. One, the acquisition has now gone through. On March 20, 2019 Disney acquired Fox studio and TV assets. Two, Rupert Murdoch, and the Murdoch family retained control of the other Fox pies, whole and in pieces.

Rupert Murdoch was a personal friend of President Trump and financially contributed towards his 2016 and 2020 campaign. It appears the children of Murdoch did not support their father’s choices but he retained the voting block of their trust. Up until the night of the election Fox was the only main stream media that gave positive coverage to President Trump’s 2020 campaign. Then as their viewership watched, Fox turned on Trump like a piece of rotten seafood. Why?

A behind-the-scenes struggle that could determine the extent of post-election violence in America is breaking into the open, but it’s not at the White Housse of inside the GOP. It is within the billionaire Murdoch family, the owners of Fox News.”

“As Trump is Defeated, the Murdochs Try to Dodge Backlash for Fox News”, The Intercept on theintercept.com, November 6, 2020, written by Peter Maass.

This same article quoted Kathryn Murdoch’s tweet from Friday, November 6, 2020 that read, “I agree with this”. To what was she agreeing? Another Tweet by Jeremy Barr.

“CNN’s Jake Tapper, who says he doesn’t normally talk about competitors: “The Murdochs and the people at Fox have an obligation to put their country above their profits. It is very important that people make it very clear–that there is no credible evidence of widespread fraud.”

Tweeter posts by Kathryn Murdoch @KathrynMurdoch and Jeremy Barr @jeremymbarr. November 6, 2020

By Friday evening the Wall Street Journal’s editorial page skeptically noted that the Trump campaign would have to provide credible evidence of voter fraud. They, along with all the main stream media outlets were denying all evidence, even eyewitness reports and previous news coverage of dumped ballots, and still are despite proven fraud at the writing of this blog. Fox joined the trash Trump campaign calling for him to concede to Biden despite legal means in the works to continue to prove fraud in voting.

These are news outlets. When I went to journalism school we were taught to keep our personal bias out of the news coverage and to report the facts, discover the truth. What passes for journalism now is what was once referred to as yellow journalism and credited to such publications as the National Enquirer. According to this article Fox just suddenly had their eyes opened by the more up-to-date Murdoch’s and tried to save their professional reputations by turning.

I am not quite buying that argument. Why not? Because of another article on October 15, 2020 in the Vanity Fair HIVE online publication titled “Is Rupert Murdoch Completely off the Trump Train”, written by Caleb Ecarma. Normally I would not seek news coverage from Vanity Fair. However, this article brought out a nugget of information that could explain Fox’s drastic change to no longer being supportive of President Trump. An argument it was after all.

To be continued…



…what was revealed at worship this morning?

Location: LFBC, Alabama. Photo by dfav. 11/08/2020

With COVID, my husband’s illness, my lack of mobility when I am alone, we’ve not been blessed by being able to attend church services steadily once our state government made it possible again. Until the last month when it depended on physical strength, breathing and a whole lot of wanting to.

This morning, for the first time in eight months my bass singing husband was able to stand up with the worship team and sing again. It was a tremendous faith resulting event for both of us, our church and wholly the work of God in our lives.

Not surprising, music is where God worked in my heart right away this morning.

For every day and night since the 2020 Presidential Election kicked into high gear I’ve really wrestled with trying to understand what was going on. After the actual vote I kept it up. As of this writing, the only ones sure of a winner of the Presidential Election are the national news media and the Democratic Proclaimed winner.

I still have many questions. Answers seem far away. Truth seems to have disappeared. This country, America, that I love, seems closer to peril than before the election. And yes, I really struggle with not reacting to posts, comments, and people whose actions, behaviors and thought processes are plain offensive.

This morning though messages I received that eliminated part of the struggle for me came from the lyrics of a song, “In the Father’s House” as sung by Cory Asbury.

"...my failure won't define me
That's what my Father does...
Ooh...lay your burdens down.
Ooh...here in the Father's House.
Check your shame at the door,
'Cause it ain't welcome anymore,
Ooh...you're in the Father's house..."

If in my quest to avoid conflict, confrontation with people I consider friends and even some of my family members, I kept the “peace”. Had it come at a dreadful cost? If so, I found assurance that it’s a failure that won’t define me. I know I voted the way I was lead to by God, the Father. Yet, I also know people who would say the same thing about themselves who voted exactly opposite of me.

If God was leading all of us, then how did we end up at such radically different decisions when our pens touched the ballots this week? If anything should absolutely mirror us the exact same, it should be the Word of God.

Now if you don’t believe in God, or His Word and have no respect for either or anyone who does, that would answer the question immediately. I’m not talking about those who choose this way to live. I’m talking about those of us who claim we do.

"The story's never over,
If the story isn't good,
Failure's never final
When the Father's in the room."

This portion of the son brought load of tears to my eyes. If I am the one who has sinned and refused to listen to the Father’s directive, “the story” isn’t over even if it isn’t good. God will take my failure and make something good out of it. That’s the kind of God He is. Now, He won’t remove the consequences of my sin (if in this case I am the one who is wrong) but He is prepared to help all of us through the next four years. The story doesn’t end here, in these moments.

After investing a lot of time into researching a lot of the candidates and their respective parties, I have come away with a cynical, very cynical view of main stream media. Plus, so many of the alternative sources as well. Add to that the candidates themselves.

For example, in my home state we had a long-term Democratic senator on the ballot for re-election. Not sure of the reasons why exactly the Alabama Republican Party put forth a former instate SEC football coach to challenge him. In my research this coach was a decent coach but he has no political experience and at the time of his nomination was a resident of Florida.

Was this the best we had? Maybe so. Would you run for a political office given the cess pool politics has become? I sure wouldn’t. Maybe that’s why our pool of choices was so limited.

I voted for the coach simply because my conscience wouldn’t allow me to vote for the now outgoing senator. He was the least of two evils.

"Miracles take place
The cynical find faith 
And love is getting through 
When the Father's in the room. 
Jericho walls are quakin' 
Strongholds now are shakin'  
Love is breakin' through 
When the Father's in the room..." 

With those words I could picture all of our prayers combining this morning, upholding one another, a crowd of around a hundred people (and more not knowing how many were viewing our service on Facebook or YouTube), lifting our hearts and voices in prayer.

I could almost hear the steady thump, thump of the feet of the children of Israel as they marched around Jericho in silence until the last day. Or were those our feet marching around Washington D.C.? The strongholds shaking were those of the past or of the current? Right down to the private ones we hid in our lives?

We were certainly reaching God. I could almost see the movement between us of the Holy Spirit. Was this same uplifting happening in every other House of Worship this morning? If not, why not? If we’re all worshipping the same God, how can we be so divided?

Not just on abortion, healthcare, taxes, jobs, foreign relations, racial relations, education to name a few, but on the foundational stones of our society and our lives? Things like truth? Trust? You absolutely cannot build any relationship if there is not 100% honesty so there can be 100% trust.

I’m blessed again by being able to say, I was able to understand all this even before our pastor preached. He too brought the Gospel and the truth.



…what happens when the bill comes due?

It’s been no secret that when the coronavirus made her appearance in the United States drastic measures had to be taken, hoping it would stop or at least slow the spread. Among the true negatives of these decisions was the one that caused businesses, including some medical services, to be closed. Reopening, when it was allowed, was up to the individual governors of each state.

The government went further, realizing that people without jobs to earn income, especially those living paycheck-to-paycheck already would soon have no money for utilities, food, rent and mortgages. That’s when what seemed like a great thing at the time occurred. Utility companies, banks, mortgage companies, just about anyone that an American had to pay a monthly bill to were forbidden from foreclosing, evicting anyone, or turning off any utility.

Even then the thoughts of what happens when these companies are allowed to go about their business as usual again whirled in my mind? When electric bills that have added up for five/six months are being called to be paid for? Same with water, gas, rents, mortgage payments, credit cards? When there’s no more monthly discounts on cell phones or car insurance. Am I the only one thinking how are people going to pay their bill when it comes due?

It can’t be clearer that people can’t depend on Congress to pass stimulus or bail out packages regularly. That’s become one massive tug-of-war between the Republicans and Democrats. IF there’s another stimulus check issued to Americans who knows when? By then people will be living without water, power, gas in their homes. Some will be living who knows where because landlords and banks are starting evictions.

If you were someone who has always paid and kept your bill current then some businesses, I understand, are working with you. If not, it isn’t going well. If you were behind when the shutdowns started you may very well be in real trouble now that the bill says, DUE IMMEDIATELY, FINAL NOTICE. MUST BE PAID IN FULL, NO PAYMENT SCHEDULES.

Is it totally the governments fault? No. It’s their fault for not following through on the promised stimulus checks. It’s their fault that in their power struggle and inability to respect the office, if not the person, they’ve held American’s hostage.

Is it all the consumer’s fault? No. I know of people though that have spent their previous stimulus checks on anything but paying bills. They were a reason for not looking for a job once things opened up. Another $1200 per adult and rumors of money per dependent too was coming down the track. Some just took advantage of the no pay, no eviction mandate. And those who were responsible, who have done the absolute best they could do? Get real, even at a two adult household, $2400 can’t go very far if not replenished. People were forced into a situation without a possible, positive ending. Folks on unemployment were gifted with more than those working minimum wage.

Has the answer been in looting? Stealing? Burning out businesses so jobs aren’t available? So people lost their health insurance? Harrassing people who were trying to earn a living? Making people so fearful that if there wasn’t a stay-at-home order in place in some states, they’d be hiding in their homes anyway?

Even IF, and personally I think it’s a BIG IF, a second stimulus check were to be issued we have to stop and think. Because, guess what? America doesn’t have that much money! How long can the government keep doling out money?

The bills are arriving in mailboxes now. Who will survive this part of the disaster? I quote my father again, “He who pays the band calls the tune”. Who do you want controlling your life?


…are you worried about America?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Even as a Christian I am concerned that what we are witnessing now in America will be what brings this once great country to an end. It’s my belief all the events are part of something bigger.

First, I have personally studied the Biblical prophecies attempting to understand them regarding the second return of Christ. I can easily foresee these events as ushering in that return. That event will bring great joy to my life. But, it won’t for everyone.

Photo by Ruiyang Zhang on Pexels.com

Second, this country has rapidly been speeding out-of-control for decades. There was a brief period when the dramatic terrorist attack of 9/11/01 brought us together as one people. That was 19 years ago and those promises, emotions and determinations appear to be gone from those whose voices and actions are being amplified currently.

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.com

Third, I’ve also done some studying about the fall of ancient Rome. She was a great civilization and incredibly powerful. To visit that Rome you have to visit ruins. Rome fell, because in part, the moral fiber gave up to insatiable appetities for the “natural desires of the flesh”. They got greedy in more ways than one. Much like America today.

Photo by LT Chan on Pexels.com

Fourth, the hatred. I’ve watched a lot of these “peaceful protests” that last for a brief time before they become full blown riots. People, from all walks of life have been murdered/killed. Plus, the other devastations.

Fifth, there’s still the coronavirus out there and no one can agree on treatments, preventive measures, reopenings or closing down all over again. Some areas of America are still on a stay-at-home and no evictions mandates, eventually the bills will be due. Mask mandates also provides an aid in keeping police from being able to identify those committing crimes under the guise of protests. With hoodies and masks identification is all but impossible.

Sixth the ridiculous divide between the two political parties in our country. Enough said.

Seventh, there are threats that the rioting, arson, looting, murders will not stop until this country gives up her identify completely. There’s active attempts to erase America’s history. And in its place bring forth a narrative that is even more one-sided as the one being canceled.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

Eighth, American’s have taken the democratic process for granted. We’ve not voted, we’ve not stayed informed of the issues and platforms of the political parties and we’ve settled for having to choose between the least of two evils instead of who God wants to be our leader. We’ve compromised. We’ve been part of the problem not the solution.

The upcoming elections are vital but I personally, doubt the integrity of those elections. Although I normally vote by absentee ballot because of my disability this year I’m making arrangements to go to the polls. I don’t trust this method completely either but I certainly don’t trust any mail-in-ballots.

Yes, I think America is seeing her own downfall. We can blame no one but ourselves.


Have we so quickly forgotten 9/11/01?

With deep sadness I would answer to the title query, “Yes, yes way too many American’s have. “

Some display with their choices of actions and belief systems as evidence that they’ve forgotten America’s worst foreign attack on her own land since Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. It was also the “deadliest terrorist attack in world history”. The images of September 11, 2001 are only 19 years in the past, and were horrifying haunting.

The North Tower of the World Trade Center was struck by Flight 11 at 8:46:40 at a speed of roughly 466 mph. The plane was deliberately flown into the 93-99 floors on the north side of the North Tower. Yes, apparently some have forgotten.

The second plane, Flight 175, struck at 9:02:57 at 590 mph between floors 77-85. Both towers would collapse completely. Yes, apparently more than a few have forgotten.

In and around the World Trade Towers, 2606 people lost their lives. Included in that number were 343 firefighters and 71 law enforcement personnel. Over 6000 people were injured in the surrounding area. These people were representative of not just America’s but dozens of other countries as well. Yes, apparently some have forgotten.

I had a friend who volunteered to go to the scene in NYC to provide counseling on-site for those still searching for survivors and the clean-up. She shared with us about being with someone who discovered body parts, such as fingers, pieces of hands, arms, feet and bones on tops of nearby buildings. A lot more was lost on 9/11 than those listed on the casualty list. One can’t see that and ever be the same. Yes, apparently multitudes of people have forgotten.

The third plane, Flight 77 at 9:37:46 at 530 mph crashed into the Pentagon with a cost of 125 people lives, 55 military personnel and 70 civilians. Yes, apparently we’ve forgotten.

The fourth and final flight, Flight 93, over a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania crashed at 10:03:11 at 583 mph. This plane was also hijacked by members of the same terrorist cells. Learning about the other planes a group of passengers attempted to overtake the hijackers whose intent was to crash the plane into the US Capital Building. The hijackers then deliberately crashed the plane to keep the passengers from getting into the cockpit. A total of 196 lives were lost when Flight 93 crashed. Yes, apparently some have forgotten.

Only 19 jihadists turned hijackers lost their lives in the four planes. (Stats on 9/11/01 attacks and loss of life were taken from Wikipedia, Casualties of the September 11 attacks. Last edited/updated by Enwebb 9/11/2020.) Less than 1% of the total lives lost. Oh, yes, we’ve apparently forgotten.

In the days, weeks, months following the 9/11/01 terrorist attack something else changed in the United States. American’s packed churches, lined up and waited to donate blood, neighbors checked on neighbors, and volunteering became fulfilling. How frail the thread between life and death became vibrantly clear. When it comes to death, when is not our choice, usually.

Most of all we were all American’s, determined to fight back and prove to anyone watching we would not lay down and let anyone bring death, destruction and disrespect here. That is no longer the united message a section of our population are sending today. Yes, yes, yes apparently there are those who’ve forgotten.

New York was wrecked where once the Twin Towers had stood were gaping holes. Life forever altered on 9/11/01. But, New York recovered. Again, for it wasn’t necessarily that way before the Twin Towers were destroyed, but people could walk down a New York street again without fear of being a crime victim. Sadly, it hasn’t held onto that change. It’s clear the bonding as one people and other lessons we’ve learned from the events of 9/11/01 has been forgotten.

Today New York City is again devastated and the threat is a combination of foreign influence, internal turmoil, and incredibly terrifying leadership in our cities, states and Washington D.C. Across America there is little show of a unity of American’s.

Riots, vandalism, looting, burning buildings, harassment of those trying to live life on the slower end of COVID-19, burglaries in broad daylight, assault and rapes on the sidewalks, murders, assault on police officers… Yes, some have forgotten.

Furthermore, they are saying in behaviors, that some of them don’t give a damn. Come on, people are shouting in the streets “Death to America” and other things I choose not to repeat because of the language used. Yes, I would say, some have forgotten.

Not only are the 244 years of American history being “canceled” but that includes history only 19 years ago. Yes, some have forgotten 9/11/01.

What do you think?

Where the Road Isn’t Going

Like so many American’s since the Coronavirus slammed into us, I’ve felt transported to a country that doesn’t look, sound, smell, act like herself anymore.  Lots of changes.  Some caused by the adaptions COVID-19 has forced upon us (by science, medicine or those abusing powers entrusted to them) and some as consequences of choices, reactions and natural fall-out.

For my first blog on this mess I was thinking about my bucket list.

Yes, you read that right.  My bucket list.  After a few near death experiences in 2004 I created a bucket list.  I kept it posted in my office when I was still able to work.  But, it’s always hung around in my heart.

Loving to travel and especially now that traveling in a wheelchair complicates everything from accessible accomodations to transportation quite a few items involved trips I’d like to take with my family.

  • seeing a Broadway production on Broadway in New York City
    • visiting the huge toy store often seen in movies about New York
    • touching in some way, the Statue of Liberty
    • staying in a super hotel
    • picnicking in Central Park
  • and all the other places like–
    • The Wine and Food Festivals of Food Network
    • The Pioneer Woman’s store, restaurant, hotel and ranch in Oklahoma
    • A Disney Cruise with my whole family while the children among us are still young enough to feel the magic.
    • A cruise to Alaska.
    • Visit Seattle and see if Sleepless in Seattle left any romance hanging around
    • Return to all the places I went to in California in my junior year of college as a summer missionary for the Home Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.
    • Finally see my old friends who now reside in Idaho, Michigan, Missouri, Georgia (Atlanta), Texas, several cities in Virginia.
      • (Not the complete bucket list.)

Most of my bucket list travel dreams have leaked right out of the bucket.  Why?  Who, considering safety (extra concern as a person confinded to a wheelchair), money, accomodations, attractions within the city we’re visiting, transportation and assistance if the need arises; could seriously entertain visiting like, New York City?  Instead of visions of Broadway, shopping and busy New Yorkers, or catching up with friends I have a different vision.

Same vision I have with thoughts of visiting any of these places, even one I am forced to travel to given it’s resources and how close it is, Birmingham, Alabama.  In the nightmare, I am unfamiliar with landmarks, street layouts and I get lost.  Accidently ending up where I don’t want to be and my vehicle being surrounded by protestors turned rioters.  Vulnerable, and they somehow know I can’t defend myself I am drug from my car and beaten, perhaps killed.  Because I am white.  The very things that if their minds that comes from my having white skin are the very things that look back at them every time they look in a mirror, with just a different skin color.  (That’s my opinion.)

It’s not unreasonable.  It is happening across our country in states, specific cities I used to plan and try to figure out how to achieve on my bucket list.  There have been older people, veterans have been drug from their wheelchairs and even fellow protestors beaten and some killed while several people videoed the event to post on social media, YouTube channels or web sites dedicated to proving their belief system.  Plus, God knows, how police are treated, taunted, hit, shot at, physically hemmed in and injured from weapons and things like metal from destroyed public and private property flung at and striking their heads.

I question how the mayor of New York City and the governor of New York have failed to realize the tourist business will not recover from the lawlessness they’ve allowed in their city and state.  Regardless whether someone manages to clean-up the streets and criminal activity and restore those buildings and monoments to pre-riot glory there’s a huge cost.  There will now forever be a flood of “what if’s” that will prevent me from going.  Am I the only one?

Those images of the riots, the looting, the burning and all those people that have been killed are forever in my heart.  And I’m not excluding those whose lives were lost by police action.  All of them that were surrounded by cheering crowds, angry mobs, the ugliest behavior capable of humanity literally becoming visible energy forced on other human beings.

There’s a thought beating in my head.  Is this thought even crossing any of the minds of leadership that allowed, even encouraged, this behavior to stretch on?  When they placed their most vulnerable citizens in positions of almost being quaranteed to die with COVID-19? As they slashed police budgets, turned police forces into nothing more than targets for those rioting did it ever occur to them that their tourism will not recover?

Furthermore, I now question whether the cruising and travel industries will recover period?  All the businesses looted, some multiple times, those burned to the ground; do they have a chance of coming back?  Quite a few larger companies have already pulled out of the areas they were destroyed in.  Small businesses have been forced to give up their dreams.  And people across every race, color, culture, value systems, educational levels are unsettled, unsure and lost.

Losses to the assets of these cities and states; industries, attractions, history and citizens are huge and more costly than the tallies on the ledger books.  In comparison, the loss of over half my bucket list is the smallest cost of all.

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