….are you sure about that?

It is 4:29 in the morning and gratefully I am awake after five hours of sleep. God usually whispers “Come with me” at this time. This morning He and I will discuss the COVID-19 vaccination. Again. Our appointment is at 8:15. Today is the day. We comply with the government’s request to take this preventive measure.

No, I am not sure about this.

Our household of three had COVID in December of 2020. Of the three of us, I am the one with lasting side effects. My eyesight was weakened. I am also the one whose immune system and health history make me more vulnerable to take anything “experimental”.

For me the more the government pushes this vaccine the more I hesitate. Why?

Simple, no one can be trusted to speak the truth. Certainly not Dr. Falsely. (Misspelling intended). Nor the CDC or WHO. Neither can government officials. My own health care providers listen to my concerns and reply with the same assurances. Like every one is reading the same cue card. The risk is minimal, take the vaccine.

By nature I am a rule keeper. But, this time I am unsure. Let’s be frank, the whole COVID experience is fraught with too many questions and too few answers.

For all those assuring me the risks are minimal I wearily reply that they themselves have no idea what it is like to be in that small percentage. I do.

Herd mentality is aggressively pushing us to shut up and take the shot, get in line again and take it again. Oh, and be prepared to repeat the process in six months to a year. Wear a mask, wear two no three masks! How selfish to even think about non-compliance. I am not prepared to be an obedient cow on this. Are you?

What I am sure about is God not allowing evil to prevail. I am confident He knows the future and that He will walk me through whatever the outcome of this vaccine is for me. I am reminded that the moments and minutes I live and breathe right now at 5:18 in the morning are miraculous. I have been on the literal edge of death before and God chose to spare me for this morning.

He is trustworthy. By His very nature He is not a liar. When that needle slides into my arm later this morning I am sure that my Heavenly Father loves me and is with me. Plus, if He does not want me to take the shot He will clearly show me this too.


…are you voting tomorrow?

Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

Anyone in America that claims not to know there’s a presidential election on November 3, 2020 must have been off the planet since 2014. Following that election those on the losing side have been trying to undo the results of that election. It doesn’t set much hope for this election either.

As a country we’re electing a president. His running mate is going to be vice-president. The President and Vice President of the United States of America. Regardless of who I’m voting for tomorrow, the most important thing is to know who I’m voting for before I enter the poll. This is no time to feel pressured to make a decision. I’m sickened by it all and sick of it all. Can’t we just vote?

Who you’re choosing to vote for, in my opinion, doesn’t matter as much as you voting. Exercise you’re right to vote. It could save your other rights. “Please, please vote. I hope you VOTE. Fulfill your obligation”.

It’s our daughter’s first time to vote, period. We know she’s backing another candidate rather than our’s. That is her privilege, her decision, her right. But, the agony of waiting my turn to vote in person is gnawing at me. Really it’s the unknown of what either side will do or leave someone else to do that is frightening.

Remember 2016 when colleges had to call classes off because kids were so upset President Trump won and not Senator Hillary Clinton? Crayons, coloring books and pizza were brought in. Students were wailing on campus lawns. Professional counselers stood ready to help.

Who or what will they do this time?

You’re getting close to the deadline to vote. This time tomorrow it will be over.











Have we so quickly forgotten 9/11/01?

With deep sadness I would answer to the title query, “Yes, yes way too many American’s have. “

Some display with their choices of actions and belief systems as evidence that they’ve forgotten America’s worst foreign attack on her own land since Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. It was also the “deadliest terrorist attack in world history”. The images of September 11, 2001 are only 19 years in the past, and were horrifying haunting.

The North Tower of the World Trade Center was struck by Flight 11 at 8:46:40 at a speed of roughly 466 mph. The plane was deliberately flown into the 93-99 floors on the north side of the North Tower. Yes, apparently some have forgotten.

The second plane, Flight 175, struck at 9:02:57 at 590 mph between floors 77-85. Both towers would collapse completely. Yes, apparently more than a few have forgotten.

In and around the World Trade Towers, 2606 people lost their lives. Included in that number were 343 firefighters and 71 law enforcement personnel. Over 6000 people were injured in the surrounding area. These people were representative of not just America’s but dozens of other countries as well. Yes, apparently some have forgotten.

I had a friend who volunteered to go to the scene in NYC to provide counseling on-site for those still searching for survivors and the clean-up. She shared with us about being with someone who discovered body parts, such as fingers, pieces of hands, arms, feet and bones on tops of nearby buildings. A lot more was lost on 9/11 than those listed on the casualty list. One can’t see that and ever be the same. Yes, apparently multitudes of people have forgotten.

The third plane, Flight 77 at 9:37:46 at 530 mph crashed into the Pentagon with a cost of 125 people lives, 55 military personnel and 70 civilians. Yes, apparently we’ve forgotten.

The fourth and final flight, Flight 93, over a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania crashed at 10:03:11 at 583 mph. This plane was also hijacked by members of the same terrorist cells. Learning about the other planes a group of passengers attempted to overtake the hijackers whose intent was to crash the plane into the US Capital Building. The hijackers then deliberately crashed the plane to keep the passengers from getting into the cockpit. A total of 196 lives were lost when Flight 93 crashed. Yes, apparently some have forgotten.

Only 19 jihadists turned hijackers lost their lives in the four planes. (Stats on 9/11/01 attacks and loss of life were taken from Wikipedia, Casualties of the September 11 attacks. Last edited/updated by Enwebb 9/11/2020.) Less than 1% of the total lives lost. Oh, yes, we’ve apparently forgotten.

In the days, weeks, months following the 9/11/01 terrorist attack something else changed in the United States. American’s packed churches, lined up and waited to donate blood, neighbors checked on neighbors, and volunteering became fulfilling. How frail the thread between life and death became vibrantly clear. When it comes to death, when is not our choice, usually.

Most of all we were all American’s, determined to fight back and prove to anyone watching we would not lay down and let anyone bring death, destruction and disrespect here. That is no longer the united message a section of our population are sending today. Yes, yes, yes apparently there are those who’ve forgotten.

New York was wrecked where once the Twin Towers had stood were gaping holes. Life forever altered on 9/11/01. But, New York recovered. Again, for it wasn’t necessarily that way before the Twin Towers were destroyed, but people could walk down a New York street again without fear of being a crime victim. Sadly, it hasn’t held onto that change. It’s clear the bonding as one people and other lessons we’ve learned from the events of 9/11/01 has been forgotten.

Today New York City is again devastated and the threat is a combination of foreign influence, internal turmoil, and incredibly terrifying leadership in our cities, states and Washington D.C. Across America there is little show of a unity of American’s.

Riots, vandalism, looting, burning buildings, harassment of those trying to live life on the slower end of COVID-19, burglaries in broad daylight, assault and rapes on the sidewalks, murders, assault on police officers… Yes, some have forgotten.

Furthermore, they are saying in behaviors, that some of them don’t give a damn. Come on, people are shouting in the streets “Death to America” and other things I choose not to repeat because of the language used. Yes, I would say, some have forgotten.

Not only are the 244 years of American history being “canceled” but that includes history only 19 years ago. Yes, some have forgotten 9/11/01.

What do you think?

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