…what mystery stirs?

Personally, I love a good mystery. I’m not a huge fan of the current version of Halloween celebrated. Nor am I into gory, slashing, serial unnatural movies. A good psychological thriller or a true crime puzzle is more up my alley. We have a few mysteries of our own. During this mandated, stay-at-home, mask wearing period of history home is where we’ve been. Now our home is not large. Storage is at a premium. Still, things are disappearing. Here at night, gone the next morning. Not even the type items you’d imagine someone “borrowing”. For example:

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The rolling pin disappeared right out of the utensil container from beside the stove. This one had a gouge in it on the edge. I didn’t use this kitchen tool often. When I do bake it doesn’t usually require a rolling pin. I had this one for 24 years. Yet, it disappeared as if it had never been a part of our kitchen equipment in the first place.

Other than the fact it is missing I can also assure you that no one has been walking around the house nursing a huge goose egg on their head, or asking to go to the hospital with an injury. So, I doubt it’s been used as a weapon, at least not in this household. Can’t really fathom what else one would use a rolling pin for. I know it’s gone though.

Perhaps it’s was destroyed by carpenter ants or bees? They could have slipped in, devoured something like a rolling pin in one overnight glut feast. True, we didn’t find any sawdust and the wooden spoons were untouched. Munching carpenter bees or ants could be a reasonable explanation, right?

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Silverware. Forks, teaspoons, butter knives are gone like smoke when the fire’s out. Did someone find putting these items in the dishwasher too much trouble and just tossed them? Is there some animal attracted to shiny utensils roaming our house? Despite the strainers on the drains are they clogging up the elbow on the plumbing and failing to send up a distress signal? Will the elbow get sick of them and chuck them back up at me washing dishes some day?

The rest of the items I’ll just group together as other MIA’s. Really though, if you put a Pyrex casserole dish in the dishwasher and go to unload the dishes only the casserole pan is missing, wouldn’t you have a few curious thoughts? The only Pampered Chef item I’ve ever owned was a large glass measuring cup/mixing bowl. I placed it securely in the bottom cabinet in the corner so it wouldn’t accidently get pulled out and perhaps broken. Poof gone. Followed by the small zester/rasp I had with it’s pink handle that fit my smaller hand so well. Whisked away.

Perhaps a baker needed these items more than I did? Or is that to logical a solution? I mean, how did this person know I had these items? How did they get them outside our house?

Imagine someone crouching behind the bushes levitating kitchen tools and dishes through a window or door they someone managed to get open. Maybe they managed to make a mold and had a locksmith create a key? Or they used some fairy dust to raise a window? Yes, that must be it. Sometime in the darkest hour of the night a desperate baker/chef crept into our yard and made away with the entire kitchen stash.

Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. on Pexels.com

The most precious of all the items that disappeared is my NIV Study Bible. It’s precious because it is the word of God but there’s also the personalization of it. This particular one is around 25 years old, I purchased it with birthday money one year. I read, studied, and taught from it. There were tear stains on the pages. In the margins were notes, explanations, questions and scripture lists on the back and front inside covers!

It had gotten to be too heavy for me to carry to church but it was always handy beside the shelf by my bed. When using my lighter weight NIV Bible that since it is minus all the study aids, weighs a quarter of what the study Bible did, I could always reference it when I needed to.

Literally here one day and gone the next. Having it disappear feels different than if I had passed it on to someone who could use it. Since my husband has his own Bible and our daughter won’t touch one I have no idea where it is. No clue what happened. Or why.

Photo by Valeria Burdyka on Pexels.com

Finally, let’s not forget the sheets. Not entire sheet sets but a fitted sheet from this set and a flat from another. Washed, dried, put away and next time we’d go to change the sheets they were gone. So mismatched sheets on our beds is nothing odd these days. There’s only three of us who live in our home. I’m home, because of a lack of transportation that can handle my wheelchair, basically 24/7 and I’ve seen no one sneaking in to take the sheets. Maybe I’ll see them if I look at area Trunk or Treat events this Halloween. Some patterned ghosts haunting the scene? Should I wheel up and say, “Pardon me Ghost, but you’re wearing my sheet”!

That just leaves the DVD’s. Cases are here. No DVD. Maybe this one can be attributed to someone here, though know one claims the deeds. To my knowledge we’ve not loaned them out. We learned our lesson lending out books that are part of a series. We’ve replaced one book, Volume 4 of The Mitford Series three times.

Which makes me think this “borrower” has to be a new upstarting library seeking items to fill still bare shelves? They probably teamed up with that baker/chef hiding in the bushes. Did they get everything in one night? Or did it take multiple trips? Imagine waking up to go the bathroom in the middle of the night and glancing out the window to see your neighbors stuff flying through the air towards the bushes!

Sure, there has to be a logical reason all these things have disappeared. Right? No thief has broken in to take these items. We rarely have company and have had none since COVID-19 hit. It’s just the three of us. Has one of us lost their mind? Or plotting to make the rest of us lose ours?

Perhaps these items will reappear some day exactly as mysteriously as they’ve disappeared. Meanwhile, if you happen to see these items floating around in the forest, riding a stiff ocean breeze or hiding under someone’s porch could you direct them home? They know the address and no questions will be asked unless they want to share their unique experiences. LOL!


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