…how is the virtual world treating you?

Readers, I am 56-years-old. Learned to use a computer in college. Back then I was amazed at the word processing because I was a writer. Now I am still a writer, but I am coaching the computer and word processing to come up without updating.

Not a gamer. When gaming systems hit the living/bedrooms of people’s homes I was paying my own bills and couldn’t afford one. By the time a friend was upgrading theirs, gave me one, it was two systems behind and I was working full-time and going to seminary. No time to play.

Since I am retired on disability (not by choice), my laptop, lousy internet service, word processing and Microsoft and Google is a true love/hate relationship. This is where the virtual world gets me.

People need connection. At least I do. Virtual reality connections feel “shaky” to me. Looking someone in the eye to get a sense of their integrity still feels uncomfortable. My mind keeps reminding me that we’re all behind computer screens.

Last evening I participated in a “once we were employed there” reunion. A weak internet connection was a struggle. But, I attend my counseling sessions on the phone and that works for me. In both cases I knew everyone involved.

Therapy by phone with the same therapist I had going into the COVID-19 shutdowns works because I had done all the face-to-face groundwork already. I knew everyone at the reunion too, long ago made those connections. The difference lays in the technology of accessibility to the internet. One-on-one connection by phone glitches are remedied quickly. There is no quick fix to the internet issues during during the virtual reunion.

A blog about internet choices is fodder for another blog topic.

Virtual reality treats me unequally based on my location. My location is based on money and safety. Enough said for today. Until next time, I’ll leave the solar powered light on for you. 🙂


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