…what happens when the bill comes due?

It’s been no secret that when the coronavirus made her appearance in the United States drastic measures had to be taken, hoping it would stop or at least slow the spread. Among the true negatives of these decisions was the one that caused businesses, including some medical services, to be closed. Reopening, when it was allowed, was up to the individual governors of each state.

The government went further, realizing that people without jobs to earn income, especially those living paycheck-to-paycheck already would soon have no money for utilities, food, rent and mortgages. That’s when what seemed like a great thing at the time occurred. Utility companies, banks, mortgage companies, just about anyone that an American had to pay a monthly bill to were forbidden from foreclosing, evicting anyone, or turning off any utility.

Even then the thoughts of what happens when these companies are allowed to go about their business as usual again whirled in my mind? When electric bills that have added up for five/six months are being called to be paid for? Same with water, gas, rents, mortgage payments, credit cards? When there’s no more monthly discounts on cell phones or car insurance. Am I the only one thinking how are people going to pay their bill when it comes due?

It can’t be clearer that people can’t depend on Congress to pass stimulus or bail out packages regularly. That’s become one massive tug-of-war between the Republicans and Democrats. IF there’s another stimulus check issued to Americans who knows when? By then people will be living without water, power, gas in their homes. Some will be living who knows where because landlords and banks are starting evictions.

If you were someone who has always paid and kept your bill current then some businesses, I understand, are working with you. If not, it isn’t going well. If you were behind when the shutdowns started you may very well be in real trouble now that the bill says, DUE IMMEDIATELY, FINAL NOTICE. MUST BE PAID IN FULL, NO PAYMENT SCHEDULES.

Is it totally the governments fault? No. It’s their fault for not following through on the promised stimulus checks. It’s their fault that in their power struggle and inability to respect the office, if not the person, they’ve held American’s hostage.

Is it all the consumer’s fault? No. I know of people though that have spent their previous stimulus checks on anything but paying bills. They were a reason for not looking for a job once things opened up. Another $1200 per adult and rumors of money per dependent too was coming down the track. Some just took advantage of the no pay, no eviction mandate. And those who were responsible, who have done the absolute best they could do? Get real, even at a two adult household, $2400 can’t go very far if not replenished. People were forced into a situation without a possible, positive ending. Folks on unemployment were gifted with more than those working minimum wage.

Has the answer been in looting? Stealing? Burning out businesses so jobs aren’t available? So people lost their health insurance? Harrassing people who were trying to earn a living? Making people so fearful that if there wasn’t a stay-at-home order in place in some states, they’d be hiding in their homes anyway?

Even IF, and personally I think it’s a BIG IF, a second stimulus check were to be issued we have to stop and think. Because, guess what? America doesn’t have that much money! How long can the government keep doling out money?

The bills are arriving in mailboxes now. Who will survive this part of the disaster? I quote my father again, “He who pays the band calls the tune”. Who do you want controlling your life?


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