…are you worried about America?

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Even as a Christian I am concerned that what we are witnessing now in America will be what brings this once great country to an end. It’s my belief all the events are part of something bigger.

First, I have personally studied the Biblical prophecies attempting to understand them regarding the second return of Christ. I can easily foresee these events as ushering in that return. That event will bring great joy to my life. But, it won’t for everyone.

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Second, this country has rapidly been speeding out-of-control for decades. There was a brief period when the dramatic terrorist attack of 9/11/01 brought us together as one people. That was 19 years ago and those promises, emotions and determinations appear to be gone from those whose voices and actions are being amplified currently.

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Third, I’ve also done some studying about the fall of ancient Rome. She was a great civilization and incredibly powerful. To visit that Rome you have to visit ruins. Rome fell, because in part, the moral fiber gave up to insatiable appetities for the “natural desires of the flesh”. They got greedy in more ways than one. Much like America today.

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Fourth, the hatred. I’ve watched a lot of these “peaceful protests” that last for a brief time before they become full blown riots. People, from all walks of life have been murdered/killed. Plus, the other devastations.

Fifth, there’s still the coronavirus out there and no one can agree on treatments, preventive measures, reopenings or closing down all over again. Some areas of America are still on a stay-at-home and no evictions mandates, eventually the bills will be due. Mask mandates also provides an aid in keeping police from being able to identify those committing crimes under the guise of protests. With hoodies and masks identification is all but impossible.

Sixth the ridiculous divide between the two political parties in our country. Enough said.

Seventh, there are threats that the rioting, arson, looting, murders will not stop until this country gives up her identify completely. There’s active attempts to erase America’s history. And in its place bring forth a narrative that is even more one-sided as the one being canceled.

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Eighth, American’s have taken the democratic process for granted. We’ve not voted, we’ve not stayed informed of the issues and platforms of the political parties and we’ve settled for having to choose between the least of two evils instead of who God wants to be our leader. We’ve compromised. We’ve been part of the problem not the solution.

The upcoming elections are vital but I personally, doubt the integrity of those elections. Although I normally vote by absentee ballot because of my disability this year I’m making arrangements to go to the polls. I don’t trust this method completely either but I certainly don’t trust any mail-in-ballots.

Yes, I think America is seeing her own downfall. We can blame no one but ourselves.


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