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Please, give this blog a chance. We’ll laugh (I hope you find my sense of humor funny). We can take a break from the harshness of life with light-hearted, inspirational and encouraging posts . Plus, some very honest, right from the heart of one Christian trying to live up to the standard of Christ in an imperfect world as an imperfect person blogs.

This blog name is “If you were to ask me”. My name is Donna and here we go. Please feel free to ask questions.

Some of it. The piece on 9/11/01 was very dear to my heart. The condition of our country right now is of grave concern to me. Although this blog is about my thoughts and opinions I don’t want to cause people to feel my way and beliefs should replace their own common sense or beliefs.

Plus, I have another blog on WordPress that is all fictional, poetry, devotional type material and due to health issues I let that go dormant until recently. Finally able to reopen that site (“fvbf”) and launch this one I’ve discovered the changes within WordPress and Facebook have complicated matters A LOT.

Now, that said, I’d like to introduce you to my thoughts for upcoming post topics.

Related to COVID-19:

  • The loss in ongoing “regular” healthcare during this COVID-19 pandemic. Loss of services, availability to allowed services, lack of efficiency…simply to get started.
  • Who are we becoming stuck behind a computer screen for socialization, work, learning, even shopping?
  • Watching someone you love suffer because COVID-19 has limited appointments, tests and service availability to life changing medical services.
  • The ever-going, never-ending debate on whether to wear or not wear a mask.
  • How COVID-19 restrictions and the disease itself is helping fuel the civil unrest in America.

Under “other” category:

  • Of vital importance to me is having you along as I set myself to figure out how the damage and its cost when your family foundation turns out to be built on a cornerstone of lies.
  • Realizing you’ve parented a child who has been indoctrinated with a belief system that bluntly slams in your face the beliefs and values you’ve held as vital for decades of your life.
  • What crazy thing will you do for those you love?
  • Mixed in with this, I hope readers of this blog will start to leave me questions to answer. Depending on the question, the number of queries and the subject matter I hope to be able to answer them all.


(This blog does have filters in place that should automatically rejects foul language.   I don’t use these words and I don’t let others use them directed to me, even in a blog comment. And I’m trying to filter out “spam” as well. Any ads you see on my blogs are placed there by WordPress because I can’t afford to be ad free with them. I do not receive ANY compensation from any ad you click on even though it is on my blog post.)

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